What are essences?

Flower and vibrational essences are an amazing resource to help create emotional balance and enable the development of a deeper sense of self.  They are the positive energy of a plant, gem, precious metal, special place or event, stored in spring water and preserved in alcohol (either brandy or vodka). When matched to a negative emotion, they enable a gentle release and a new positive way of being.

They have no scent or taste except for the alcohol preservative.

How do I use essences?

Usually taken as single drops (not pipette full) under the tongue or in a glass of water.

They can also be used in the following ways:

– In a mister to apply around the head & body or in a room.  Add 5 drops of your chosen essence to a 30ml mister bottle containing spring water.

– Add a couple drops to the bath and soak for 20+ minutes.  A long soak will encourage the body to gently release old memories and emotions stored because they weren’t fully processed. I often find I have a release of tears even when I am not aware of what my body is letting go.

– Adding a couple drops to a diffuser will gently release the essence into your living space. This is a lovely way to create harmonious energy in the home or work place.

– Adding a couple drops to a bowl of water placed in a space in the home or work place. I often have an essence bowl next to me when I am working to help me stay focussed. This is also a great way for the family to make a group bowl, with each person adding their own choice to create harmony and healing within the home.

When working with essences it is important to develop an awareness of your body and what it is telling you. When old stories or emotions come up, acknowledge them and let them go, by breathing them out or imagining blowing them into a balloon that you let fly up into the air. Do not hold onto the stories or emotions, or you will keep hold of the negative pattern that your body is trying to release.

Who can use essences?

Flower essences can be taken by everyone, including children, the elderly, during pregnancy, even pets. They do not have any interaction with food, drink, supplements or medications.

How do I store essences?

I recommend keeping them upright, out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.

An unopened bottle will generally have a use by date of 5 years.

An opened bottle will last 2-3 months (I have some that are still good up to their use by date) as long as the pipette is kept clean.

If you accidentally touch the pipette, clean it with boiling water or spirit alcohol before returning it to the bottle.

If you have purchased a bespoke essence made without alcohol preservative, this is best kept in the fridge and will last 4-6 weeks maximum.

Immediately discard a bottle if it contains floating debris.

As a Flower & Vibrational Essence Practitioner my skill is in the creation of bespoke combinations of essences from the diverse essence ranges that I have collected over the years. No matter the emotional situation in which you find yourself, I can create the perfect blend of essences to gently guide you to your desired outcome.