Reflective journalling is one of the best ways to create self awareness. Once aware of patterns of thought, behaviour and emotion, one can uncover the ‘Why’ or story that drives each pattern. From this place the journey involves healing the wound created by the story, followed by the creation of a shiny, new, positive reframe.

Top do’s.

1. Diarise regular time for journalling.

Journalling is part of the process of change so your ego mind, (which works tirelessly to keep you safe by keeping you stuck), will do everything in its power to prevent you making time to journal.

2. Journal in a place where you feel safe and cosy.

Journalling in bed or tucked up in a blanket on the sofa, will help you feel relaxed. If your body is uncomfortable, negative messages will be sent to your brain, your ego mind will sense something is wrong and put a stop to this ‘dangerous’ task of writing in a book.

3. Drop out of your head and into your heart.

A short meditation; breathing or grounding exercise; even some time journalling on gratitude, positivity, happiness, abundance or wellness. Set yourself up so your ego mind isn’t controlling your words.

4. Treat yourself to a lovely journal or be creative with a plain book.

Reflective journalling is an act of self love, show yourself how important this journey is to you.

5. Leave behind your ‘stuff’ from school.

Your journal is for you and your journey. It is a safe space to explore whatever and however feels good. Write, draw, paint, doodle, make lists of words, poems. If the paper of your journal isn’t thick enough to carry art, do it on a separate piece of paper and stick it in. I’ve heard of people that only write on one side of the page, leaving the opposite side for creative expression.

6. Be kind, curious, self compassionate and self forgiving.

This is not an exercise to metaphorically beat yourself with a big stick. Practice being an impartial observer to the emerging story. This will enable your learning to unfold gently and without triggering ego resistance. Keep close to your heart the phrase ‘mistakes are opportunities to learn’.

7. Ask yourself open ended questions.

Let your pen run free and you will marvel at what appears on the page.

8. Reflect on the purpose of your flower essence journey.

What do you want to transform and why? What are the stories you tell yourself that keep you stuck? What needs healing and how can you do this? How can you reframe your old stories?

9. Reflect on the flower (or other vibrational) essences that you are working with.

Whether you choose them yourself or a practitioner chose them for you, the essence(s) you are working with are the positive match to the negative energy you want to change. If available, study the image associated with the essence and ask yourself how it makes you feel? Where in your body is the feeling? If you can feel the energy movement of the emotion, describe the colour, shape or movement. If you have a combination of essences you can journal on what each essence brings to the transformation you are working towards?

10. Reflect on ‘Aha’ moments.

Essences enable the release of negative energy which arises as ‘aha’ moments of understanding or remembering. Ultimately these should be released as they arise, however, reflecting on them as an impartial observer may have great benefit to the transformation process. As also will reflecting on your reaction to them arising.

11. Enjoy the process of your transformation.

You have filtered your whole life through the stories created in your childhood. Now, as an adult, you have given yourself the beautiful gift of helping your inner child to let go of the burden she has carried all this time. This work is an honour to do, both to yourself and humanity. This is sacred work that you undertake.

Top don’ts.

12. Don’t try to explain your journalling journey to others (unless a professional you are working with).

Keep this as your safe space. The reactions of others (comparison, belittling, disagreement) will bring your ego mind into play and affect how you authentically interact with your journal.

13. Regurgitate your day without reflection.

There is no learning without reflection. Simply stating the events and conversations of your day will result in the same learning opportunities recurring, albeit in different guises.

14. Journal with your ego mind running the show.

If you find yourself being negative, berating yourself for wrongdoings, using the word ‘should’, try any of the suggestions in 3) of the ‘Do’ section above. If that doesn’t work, shut your journal until you are in a better place. Once you feel more relaxed, you will be able to drop into the kind and peaceful place of your heart.

15. Expect instant miracles.

You are peeling away the layers of your life experiences and associated patterns of behaviour, thought and emotion. This will take time and patience.

16. Don’t give up because it feels too difficult.

Your ego mind will start giving you grief at the slightest whiff of change, and will give you all manner of reasons for not continuing. This may feel like any of the following: it’s too hard; it doesn’t feel good; it’s too upsetting; it’s too slow; etc, etc. Try any of the suggestions in 3) of the ‘Do’ section. In addition you can remind yourself of why you are undertaking your journey of transformation.. in your journal of course.

Any form of transformational journey will have its moments. Treat yourself with compassion, love and kindness, forgive, embrace the learning and move on. Remember that to work on yourself in this way is an honour and will reward you exponentially.

As a flower essence practitioner, I can create a bespoke blend of flower essences to help you work through the issues that arise from your reflective journal practice.

Flower (and other vibrational) essences create awareness of the imbalances of energy created where the body has stored unprocessed, negative emotions. This enables the body to feel safe enough to let go of this negative energy which arises as old stories that come up to be healed. This process compliments a reflective journalling practice and catalyses transformation on all levels.

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