Rebecca Veryan Millar

midlife & menopause mentor

Hello, I’m Rebecca Veryan Millar and I’d like to ask…

‘How good would it feel to reconnect
with the magic of

The part of you that somehow got lost along the journey of life.

Speaking from personal experience it’s…

Absolutely Amazing
Rebecca Veryan Millar

My version of ‘lost along the way’ looked like this…

By my late 30’s I was an overwhelmed mum of 3, totally stressed out through trying to support my husband with his business that was fast going down the pan. I felt like I was on a permanent emotional rollercoaster, unable to enjoy myself without alcohol, always busy being busy.

When I turned 42, I realised my life felt very wrong.
Something had changed in me. My mood was so low, I was tired all the time and my constant worrying was making me ill. I started scouring the internet for ways to help me feel better….

If only I’d known I was in perimenopause, my google searches might have been more fruitful.

Does any of this resonate?

Rebecca Veryan Millar

So what did I do about it?

I tried exercise and diets.

But they didn’t help because I wasn’t dealing with the constant high stress levels and negative emotions, which I was hiding with alcohol and chocolate!
Then I discovered mindfulness.

Which led me to the world of self development, and I slowly started to improve my internal world.

The point transformation happened.

My real transformation happened after I was introduced to the magical combination of flower essences and reflective journalling.

I learned to recognise and calm my strong emotions. To settle my overactive mind and quiet my mean self talk. To find acceptance of where my life was at. Slowly but surely I found myself truly enjoying my life.

Rebecca Veryan Millar

Now I am living and loving my best life yet.

Helping women positively navigate their way through the challenges of the midlife and menopausal transition.

Being the ‘help’ I was searching for aged 42!

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Self Help Tools

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