Winter sun

Help from Nature for the Winter Blues

As I write this blog, Devon is bathed in beautiful late autumn sunshine.  The sky is clear and crisp, but with temperatures of just above zero this morning. I love this time of year as it is my final chance to top up on much needed light. This is so […]

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The importance of self-compassion

In this blog I would like to introduce you to compassion, what it means to be compassionate with yourself and how it has helped me create balance in my life and my business.   Throughout my life I have been very unkind to myself, both in thought and deed. My […]

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Flower and vibrational essences to the rescue!

Perhaps the most well-known flower essence combination is the Bach 5-Flower Formula (previously known as Rescue Remedy). This essence is widely available in the UK from chemists and natural health stores, and is often the first introduction to using flower essences. As the name suggests this combination is used to […]

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