Midlife & Menopause Consultation

Hello, I am Rebecca and I’d love to offer you a free midlife & menopause consultation.

Are you seeking…

  • Clarity on whether you are in perimenopause?

  • Understanding on how to cope with menopause symptoms?

  • Somewhere safe to offload your troubles?

  • To know how to feel better, different, more yourself?

  • To make personal or emotional changes in your life?

Rebecca will help you clarify your needs and map out your next steps.
whether that be working with her, how to successfully approach your doctor or signpost you to self help tools.

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Free Midlife & Menopause consultation

About Rebecca

Rebecca is a great believer in empowering women and endeavours to ‘be the person she was looking for’ when she felt so very lost and broken in her 40’s.

Through her training as a flower essence practitioner, she discovered that … ‘when a person is truly heard, they can experience a positive shift from their current state’.

Much of her work is in helping clients better know themselves, so they can take back their power and voice their needs. Turning the transition of midlife & menopause into a positively transformational experience.

Empowered: having the knowledge, confidence, means and ability to do things for oneself

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Client Feedback

Mentally I feel like I have more space inside me to just be. More clarity.
Emotionally I feel I can honour what I am feeling without getting totally caught up, like I am more objective even when I’m in the middle of it! Physically I am more aware of how I’m treating my body and how exercise and food impact how I feel .
LH, Health Professional

I feel like I have a safe space within myself that I can trust and that I am listening to, that what I feel is right for me and I don’t need other’s permission to be/feel safe. So I feel more certain of myself and less exhausted by feeling I have to please others all the time.

BK, Entrepreneur

The biggest shift was letting go of my children who have both left home, which has completely changed my role as their mother. Initially I had felt an excitement about my new freedom, but then needed to grieve for the loss I felt. Now I have come to a more balanced space where I don’t feel the need to need them, but just a healthy bond I can enjoy.