7 ways that Flower Essences & Coaching can help you create a positive mindset

Having a positive mindset is the key to living the joyful life that we deserve….Yes we all deserve to live joyfully. Seriously, we didn’t come here to live negatively, that is what we are conditioned to believe, to make us look outside of ourselves to the latest shiny gimmick being touted by the marketing men. When we spend reflective time alone, in meditation or mindfulness, time out in the fresh air in nature or create heart-felt connection with others, then we can find the beautiful spark of joy within ourselves.
Unfortunately, the demands of modern living fragment our energy, we become depleted, causing us to lose sight of our joyful selves. If we work on keeping a positive mindset then we are more able to withstand outside influences and keep firm in our energy. In this blog I explain 7 ways that essences and coaching can help you create and keep a positive mindset.


Ways in which Flower & Vibrational essences can help.

Flower and vibrational essences enable the gentle release of negativity, replaced instead with positivity. They can help you –

  1. Create an uncluttered mind by releasing all the many thoughts that whirl incessantly round and around. This enables greater productivity, relaxation and better sleep.
  2. Let go of worry about things that are out of your control. This state of mind can cause so many issues because the problems can only be resolved by others. Essences enable us to let go of the worry and replace with a beautiful ‘trust’ that all will be as it should.
  3. Enable you to drop out of your head and into your heart-space which helps you to release feelings of overwhelm. This is also the perfect place from where to make decisions, as we don’t feel the need to look to others to help us decide when we are connected to the heart.
  4. Release fears collected both as a child and adult – procrastination is often the result of fears that we don’t want to face or that make us feel uncomfortable. Essences allow the fears to gently come up to our awareness, from where they can be acknowledged and let go. Often this is not accomplished in one go, fears are generally let-go of in layers, but the more we become aware and release, the easier it becomes.

Ways in which Coaching can help.

  1. Coaching can help us to become more aligned – it is very easy to go around in circles or alternatively get stuck in a rut. As a coach I see the bigger picture and guide you out of what can often be a rather small box, into the realm of limitless possibilities. From this space I enable you to become aligned with your purpose which is then translated into alignment between you and your life purpose.
  2. Increase your energetic vibration – when we think or speak negatively our energetic vibration drops and we become stuck.  The universe mirrors this with negativity from the outside world, and so the spiral continues downwards. Conversely, when we are positive, we attract ease and flow into our lives and the universe mirrors this with effortless manifestation. There are many ways to keep our vibe high, however, sometimes we lose our mojo and start on the slippery slide down. This is where coaching really comes into its own. As an intuitive I naturally tap into how to lift a person’s energetic vibration, helping them to feel better about themselves and give them renewed positivity about their situation.
  3. Exercises to help keep your energetic vibration high – these are key to keeping your newfound high vibe, even when people or situations try to bring it down. As a busy person I am very aware of the pitfalls of adding anything extra to my day, so I like to keep things simple, doable and relevant.

If you would like to find out more about essences, coaching and how working with me can help you be the most joyful version of you, why not book a complimentary chat with me.  Here is a link to my diary.

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