About Me

My passion is enabling women to empower themselves by creating emotional harmony with the help of flower and vibrational essences and to support them through coaching while they turn their dreams into reality. My absolute joy is to watch clients blossom into the best version of themselves.

As a qualified Flower & Vibrational Essence Practitioner I work with many different ranges of essences to help you live authentically and become truly aligned with your dream.

My Story

I have had a deep connection with nature since childhood and spent my 20’s working with plants as a nurserywoman, however the mundane essentials of running a business, my blocks to success and propensity to overwork diminished my love of working this way, which eventually led to a burn-out.

A change of scenery and working as a gardener for a few years fed my soul and aided in my physical and mental recovery until the arrival of my children who required all my nurturing skills. Whilst pregnant with my third child and still nursing the second, my husband and I embarked on setting up a limited company in the telecoms sector. Having learnt from my first business that accounting and admin are essential to success, I took on these roles, but neither my heart nor soul were aligned with the work and I became very stressed. This combined with massive non-payments soon caused extreme depression which led to an unhealthy reliance on alcohol. It was through my journey to wellness that I was introduced to flower and vibrational essences, and they literally turned my life around.

How Flower & Vibrational Essences Saved Me

In 2015 I found myself a single mum to three children, my 7-year-old had just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I was lost, overwhelmed and stressed. It was at this time that I was called to study flower and vibrational essences and signed up to a diploma course, little realising where it would lead me. Through undertaking a massively transformative journey whilst studying essences, I found the strength to relocate my family from Hampshire to a small town on the fringes of Dartmoor. There I reconnected with the ancient energies of the moor, which I had enjoyed as a child and which have enabled me to work authentically with the energies of essences.

Building My Aligned Business

I have again stepped out onto the path of creating a business, but this time I am using the amazing power of essences to help me create emotional balance and release the blocks to success and limiting beliefs built up over my lifetime. I have also enlisted the support of a mentor and benefit greatly from the love, support and guidance from her and the group of women under her tutelage, who are all treading a similar path to myself. Each day I am filled with so much gratitude and joy that my business, The Balanced Entrepreneur, is growing in the most beautiful and authentic way now that I am truly aligned to my purpose in life.

Want To Know More?

If you would like to find out more about working with me and how I can help you live authentically and turn your dreams into reality, email me or complete this form to book a no-obligation online Discovery Call.

In the Discovery Session we will:
– Shed light on the main blocks that are holding you back
– Explore your dreams of success and how you can bring them into being
– Identify one practical step you can take right now that will get you moving forward