About Me

Hello, I’m Rebecca,

Here to help you calm the chaos by restoring your emotional balance and reconnecting you with your true sense of self, so that you can live a life that truly feels beautiful.

Even though I had three children and looked like I had it all together, underneath I was a mess and felt my existence was unbearable. Thankfully, my journey of self discovery has bought me to a place where I am no longer depressed, stressed, overwhelmed, miserable and dependent on alcohol. Now I love and accept myself for who I am, and travel through life with a calmness and confidence I never knew possible back then.

Not keen on the traditional routes of antidepressants or talking therapies, I found my way back to my true self, through the power of flowers. As a horticulturist, I already knew that flowers could lift a mood and create a smile. So when I was introduced to the concept of using flower essences to help me create a positive new life focus, I was more than willing to give them a try. In fact, they worked so well that I signed up to train as an Advanced Practitioner and transformed myself and my life in the process.

“As a person who is easily triggered, very solutions focussed and eager to move forward, I have personally found flower essences to be incredibly gentle, yet powerful catalysts for change".

Back in 2015, when my life fell apart (caused by the double whammy of my middle child being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and my husband walking out 6 weeks later) the outcome would have been very different if it weren't for flower essences. My emotions weren't lessened, but for the first time in my life I was able to feel and process them. I learnt that it is OK to feel anger, loss, worry and fear. That by not blotting them out with alcohol, I would find myself in a place of acceptance. I learnt to reframe my worries, even the crazy disaster stories that my mind made up. Now I deal with each moment as it comes, which has freed up my mind for far more important things, like enjoying life.

“Sharing my love of flower essences with women, watching them positively transform themselves and their lives has become my passion".

I know that many women wish to feel differently about themselves and their lives, yet don’t associate with the need for therapy. This is where flower essences so beautifully fill the gap. A colleague once said, “Flower essences just get you like nothing else does”. They help you connect to the truth of you and release all the ‘stuff of life’ preventing that connection.

Talking therapies can create a feeling of circling around an issue. Whereas flower essences can work quite directly, enabling you to easily release old memories and negative emotions in little bubbles of realisation (aha moments). The process is made even more powerful when combined with reflective journaling to deepen self-awareness.

Sarah P wrote: "when I met Rebecca I felt very dislocated and disjointed. My life had changed greatly - the work which was central to my existence had had to end because of my husband's sudden serious health issues which meant I was now a carer; I had moved house and area; my children were going to university and leaving home.

I was very interested in the effect that the Flower Essences had on me - I could hardly believe how different they made me feel and how many things seemed more possible. Emotionally my life had always been very turbulent and suddenly I was feeling calm and able to cope with the issues that came my way. I found it extraordinary. I still do.

Now I feel better able to deal with the issues that come my way. I have also taken up bullet journalling which has helped me with more insights into how I live and what my aims are. It's also made things more coherent and time-saving - all my information in one place rather than fragmented. My mind feels clearer and my emotions seem far steadier. Even during this time of deep stress - the Pandemic - I'm finding that I'm living very much in the moment and not worrying about the future."

Enabling women to connect in with their quiet internal wisdom, previously hidden by the external noise of life, soon guides them back to a true sense of self.

Swiftly followed by the ability to step into their authentic power, the creation of personal boundaries and the ability to speak their truth.

I know that my work is of great value when I hear client comments such as...

“I no longer feel FOMO (fear of missing out) and happily say ‘no’ to gatherings and classes if it feels like they will take me out of my centre.”


“It’s so strange, all my life I have needed to be in a relationship to make me feel complete. But now I am really enjoying being on my own, learning to enjoy my own company and the feeling that I am everything I need right now.”

These are the words of women developing a clear sense of self and bringing it out into the world with conviction.

You too have your own quiet place inside of you. Just right now, the combined noise of the outside world and your busy mind are too loud for you to access it.

Let me help you calm the chaos by creating emotional balance and reconnecting to your true sense of self with the catalysing power of flower essences and reflective journalling.

"So what is it that you actually do?"

I help women create emotional balance and reconnect with their sense of self, through combining the catalysing effect of flower essences and reflective journalling.

The real magic of my work, is in clients deepening their self-awareness and developing acceptance, compassion and empathy.

When working 1:1, much of this happens when I listen, without judgement, to a client's story. This magical space is where each woman truly starts to reconnect with her sense of self and leads to the creation of an intention for how she wants to feel.

A combination of flower essences is chosen to support any changes that need to happen on the emotional level, for the intended feelings to develop over a certain length of time (usually 4-6 weeks).

Although flower essences can enable great change, they are also very subtle in how they work. Which is why I recommend combining with reflective journalling, to further deepen the self-awareness process.

Using the magic of video chat I am able to share my work with clients across the globe.

I offer 1:1 flower essence consultations for all your emotional needs. Whether you are wishing to calm your busy mind, release yourself from overwhelm, work through a block or reconnect with yourself, we can create a bespoke experience to lead you to your required outcome. After each consultation, you will be sent a bottle of your special mix of flower essences. In addition, I will provide some journal prompts to enhance the catalysing power of the essences. The number of sessions and time in between are dependent on each client's requirements.

If you are keen to try Reflective Journalling, I run weekly online group sessions. Using oracle cards as prompts, I invite you to dive deep within through writing, enabling you to awaken and expand your self-awareness. The benefits of this type of journalling are greater understanding of oneself and others, and of situations and conversations, past and present, all of which enable great healing on an emotional level. I would love to welcome you in our membership group for a month trial for the cost of a coffee, so that you can discover the benefits of regular Reflective Journalling.

Last but not least are the flower essences from my own range. Do pop over to my shop and browse a variety of essences to help you create emotional balance.

If you'd like to know more about working with me, please book a friendly, no obligation 20-minute video chat. Click the button below for the booking form.

How much would you love to have confidence in yourself, be clear on what you want and how you want to feel, to have clarity of thought, to know that you can speak out without fear of judgement, say ‘No’ and mean it.

How much would you love to be the real unique YOU? What might your life feel and look like if you were this person?

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