Make your own essence blend – worksheet

    Place one hand over your heart and the other on your lower belly. Take 3 deep, gentle breaths. Imagine the air flowing through your heart and down into your belly. Feel your belly rise as you inhale and fall as you exhale. Imagine all the excess energy in your head filtering harmlessly down into your body, leaving you centred and calm.

    Ask your heart...'How do I want to feel in 4 weeks'? and wait for the answer. It may come as a whisper, an image, a feeling or a knowing. Trust in the message, for your heart knows what's right for you.

    Make a note of any messages you receive.

    Write your intention here.
    If you are new to intention setting, you might find it easier to start with 'I am...' or 'I feel...'

    What would you like written on the label of your special blend of essences? This will be a reminder of your intention, each time you that the essences. You can use a single word or a short phrase.
    Note: You will also need to add this information to the bottom question on the essence choosing form.

    You are nearly ready to make your essence choices. As you look at the pictures, place your hand over your heart and keep your intention in mind. Don't overthink the process, your heart knows which essences are right for you.

    I will notify you by email when I receive your selection. If you haven't receive a reply within 48 hours, please contact me at

    Your chosen blend will be supplied in a 30ml dropper bottle. I use vodka as a preservative, please contact me at if you require a non-alcoholic preservative.

    Your bottle will be posted to you, along with instructions for use.

    Once you have hit submit, go to the instruction sheet for the link to make your essence choices.