Make your own Floralunity essence blend


Make your own special blend of Floralunity essences with this easy to follow guide and pictorial form to help you make your resonant essence choice.

You will receive:-

  • by email – an instruction page containing:-
    • A downloadable worksheet (or alternative online form).
    • A link to the essence choice form.
  • by post – a 30ml dropper bottle of your chosen blend of essences from the Floralunity range.

Contains: Your choice of Floralunity flower essences, water and vodka 23%ABV in a 30ml bottle.

Click here for instructions on making your choice.

*Important – Once your order is complete, please check your inbox for the instruction page. If you do not receive this within 15 minutes please check your junk/spam or contact me at


Make your own Floralunity essence blend

This process is perfect if you would like to experience a personally chosen blend of Floralunity essences.

The real beauty is that it’s repeatable. Just make a new purchase and you can create a new blend for your required emotional transformation.

You will receive a comprehensive worksheet to guide you to clarifying the issue you want to address, the transformation you wish for and the creation of an intention to help you choose your perfect blend of essences.

Your personal blend will be created from the Floralunity essences made by Salvatore Lomonaco.

The 30ml bottle will last you from 4-6 weeks if taken according to the instructions.

Vodka is used as a preservative – please contact me if you are unable to use alcohol and I will make your bottle with an alternative.

Instructions for use

  1. It is essential to correctly enter your email address during the purchase process to ensure delivery of the instruction sheet. Check your ‘spam’ and ‘promotions’ folders if it doesn’t land in your inbox. Email me at if it fails to arrive within 15 minutes.
  2. The instruction sheet will guide you to a printable worksheet (preferable) or online form that emails your answers to you.
  3. Once you have finished the worksheet, you will find the link to the pictorial essence choosing form in the instruction sheet.
  4. You will receive your bottle of essences by post along with instructions for use.
  5. I would love to hear about your transformation by email at or book a Return to Centre session below, if you would like help to further clarify your transformation.

See FAQ if you would like to know more about using essences.

Essence FAQ

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Book a Return to Centre session if you would like to further clarify your transformation.

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