Nurturing Me


An awesome combination essence that teaches and enables self-care and self-love without guilt.
  • Reframes the thought distortion that to put one’s self first is selfish.
  • Helpful when low self worth prevents self care.
  • Promotes heart healing and the feeling of energetic safety.
  • Connects you to your internal light and helps you shine it out into the world.

Contains: Buttercup, Elder, Forget-ME-Not, Hawthorn, Pink & White Yarrow, water and vodka 23%ABV in a 10ml bottle.

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Nurturing Me

‘Nurturing Me’ is a beautiful combination of flower essences that will connect you with your ability to love and care for yourself as a non-negotiable priority – in the nicest way.

For too long we have been told that it is selfish to look after ourselves; to put our own needs before the needs of others. But really, where has that got us? Frazzled; exhausted; dissatisfied; unhappy; feeling put-upon; like a doormat for others to walk on; unable to say ‘No’ when we really can’t take on anything else.

Self-care is so important for women, especially those who care for others, for you can’t give from an empty cup. Yet a women who feels physically and emotionally replenished, has a truly phenomenal ability to deal with everything asked of her.

Self-love is, in my mind, even more important than self-care. For, without the ability to love ourselves, we fall into the clutches of our negative mind chatter. Those little voices that tell us we aren’t (fill in the blank) _____enough…. good enough, thin enough, strong enough, pretty enough, clever enough, kind enough, just simply not enough.

  • Buttercup – connects you to your childhood innocence so you are free to be you in all your shining beauty.
  • Elderflower – brings in gorgeous elemental light, helping you connect with you inner beauty, boost your vitality and self-esteem.
  • Forget-ME-Not – I love how this essence ‘does what it says on the tin’ by reminding you of your own inherent worth and enabling you to tend to your self-care and self-love as truly essential and important.
  • Hawthorn – helps you to feels safe to live and create from your heart space.
  • Pink Yarrow – creates loving energetic and emotional boundaries for the heart, helping you feel safe to nurture yourself.
  • White Yarrow – also creates energetic boundaries, but for the whole body via the energy that surrounds you, known as your aura. This will enable you to ascertain the difference between your own energy and that of others, and help you feel contained and safe in your own positive energy bubble.

Instructions for use:

  1. Download pdf’s – ‘Start’ and ‘End’ score sheets + journal prompts.
  2. Complete the ‘Start score sheet’ and transfer the descriptions of the issues to the ‘End score sheet’.
  3. Start using the essence – 2 drops (not 2 full droppers) twice a day under the tongue or in a drink of choice, until you have finished the bottle.
  4. Work with the journal prompts while you are using the essence. These will help increase self awareness of the issues you wish to address.
  5. When you have finished the bottle, complete the ‘End score sheet’ and compare your score with the ‘Start score sheet’.
  6. Read through your journal and note what has changed for you while using the essence over the past 4-6 weeks.

See FAQ if you would like to know more about using essences.

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