Writer’s Gift


This combination essence is a powerful tool to help you connect with the writer within you.
  • Find and sustain your writing flow.
  • Express yourself easily and confidently through all forms of writing.
  • Release blocks to creativity and detrimental control by the ego mind.
  • Increase self awareness and self development through your journal writing practice.

Contains: Celandine flower essences, Stillness in Flow environmental essence, Elemental Abundance combination channelled essence, water and vodka 23%ABV in a 10ml bottle.

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Writer’s Gift

Let this awesome essence, ‘Writer’s Gift’ unleash the writer within you, perfect for both novice and those well practiced in the art.

  • Celandine – clears the throat chakra, creating ease of self expression and creativity.
  • Elemental Abundance – a truly awesome combination of essences which ‘turn on the tap’ of your expression through words (from the late EarthMoon range created by Morwenna Brady). You can forget about writers block when you are using this essence!
  • Stillness in Flow – find the stillness within your heart, listen to the whispers of your soul and let your words flow without being blocked by your ego mind.

Instructions for use:

  1. Download pdf’s – ‘Start’ and ‘End’ score sheets + journal prompts.
  2. Complete the ‘Start score sheet’ and transfer the descriptions of the issues to the ‘End score sheet’.
  3. Start using the essence – 2 drops (not 2 full droppers) twice a day under the tongue or in a drink of choice, until you have finished the bottle.
  4. Work with the journal prompts while you are using the essence. These will help increase self awareness of the issues you wish to address.
  5. When you have finished the bottle, complete the ‘End score sheet’ and compare your score with the ‘Start score sheet’.
  6. Read through your journal and note what has changed for you while using the essence over the past 4-6 weeks.

See FAQ if you would like to know more about using essences.

Essence FAQ

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