Testimonial: Fiona Oliver

Before I worked with Rebecca I used to doubt my ability to follow my dream/house build to its conclusion. It felt too much for me to handle.

I very nearly didn’t work with Rebecca as I hadn’t thought of flower essences as a tool that could help me. I didn’t understand how they could help but I am so glad I did because she has supported me continually in all areas of my life. As a result of working with her I have found strength and belief in my own ability. I realise that I am more than capable and I’m as good as the next person and deserve to succeed in my dream. It has been so good to have Rebecca as a mentor. She listens, then takes that information and creates the essences you need. Now I know if I’m becoming stuck I can just speak to her and she will create an essence that will move me forward. Before flower essences I used to spend months stuck, now I can turn my thinking around in days sometimes even just a day! I feel strong, capable and even when I’m challenged I know I can get through it and make a positive outcome.

My project is a field… a beautiful wild, steep crazy field. I wanted to live there and teach people to cook from the land in a woodfired oven. This field has had planning rejected many times. I now have planning and currently in the middle of building a home. My budget is tiny, I am a single mother, I work full time and I have to do a huge amount of the work myself. I have no previous experience, I have had to learn it all. I’ve had a continuous flow of negative comments from neighbours and even some ‘ friends’. I’ve found new friends, built a supportive tribe around me. I met Rebecca at the point of applying for planning which I was having to do myself because of money restraints.

My project means everything to me, it’s my dream, my chance of freedom and I plan to share it with others and to empower other woman to go for their dreams. If you are wanting to make a dream come true, it is possible, it’s totally possible but get in touch with Rebecca first, she will make the journey so much easier.

Fiona Oliver, The Singing Tree Field project

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