Testimonial: Monique Pia Marie Van Oosterhout

Rebecca is a veritable force of nature. You may experience the vital energy shifts happen automatically, as I did, when having the pleasure of an intuitive coaching session with her.

She starts off a session with focussing with intent on one’s situation, the changes one would like to experience and then seamlessly brings in the vital energies that support both personal changes and the changes one desires as an empowered business woman.

Having a change work consultation with Rebecca, is like speaking to a dear trusted friend and sister …and then the magic happens: as an Intuitive Rebecca is able to summarise and verbalise in essence what one’s situation is about, and then backs this up with recommending flower essences that facilitate, establish and support one’s new life.

I felt my vital energies automatically opening up and returning, during my first session with her. And from this new energy template, new understandings, thinking and experiencing myself started to happen. This shift, is enabling me to take actions and stay with the process in establishing my New Life.

Rebecca backs up her energy work with simple do-able exercises such as creating one’s future, with daily envisioning, and a Stepping Stones to the Future exercise: simple practical and done in less than ten minutes a day. Powerful, transformational and deceptively simple.

Personally, I have chosen to continue working with Rebecca over a period of time, as implementing life changes is a process, in which one needs loving support and continued input for long enough, to birth one’s new self and living one’s new life.

Rebecca is passionate about her work and deeply committed to being of service to empowering us women to be fully present in our lives: well in the world and empowered to be the best we can be: for others and ourselves. I highly recommend working with her.

Monique Pia Marie Van Oosterhout, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Life Coach and Vibrational Energy Healer

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