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Do you long to…

  • Stop feeling so overwhelmed by the many demands on your time?

  • Be able to return to centre and restore calm fast after an event or conversation knocking you off balance?

  • Enjoy the present moment, unspoilt by regrets of the past or worries for the future?

  • Have firm boundaries and be able to say ‘No’ to people or events that pull you out of centre or leave you feeling disgruntled or depleted?

  • Be able to let your brain slow down and rest so that you can think clearly in the day and sleep well at night?

  • Feel confident in yourself, be able to speak out without worrying what others might think or say?

  • Know that you are enough and that you have done enough, without driving yourself ever onwards with a mean internal dialogue?

I am here to help you
take control of your life

Hello, I’m Rebecca,

I am here to help you restore your emotional balance so you can create a happy and fulfilled life.

My unique approach will enable you to connect back to your internal wisdom and fully step into your power as a woman.

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Rebecca Veryan Millar

Here are two ways we can work together online

Essential You Consultation

Flower Empowered

1:1 Consultation

Transform your emotional landscape with flower essences.

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Return to Centre Consultation

Return to Centre

1:1 Consultation

Unburden your worries without fear of judgement and find your way back to your innate wisdom.

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