Flower Essences

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created to help you restore emotional balance

Some common situations that
essences can help with

  • Affected by other peoples emotions

  • Busy mind

  • Can’t stop worrying

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Feeling unsafe in busy places

  • Lack of direction

  • Lacking confidence/shyness

  • Winter blues

Start to change your life today
with flower essences

What are flower essences?

Bottle of New Light essences for emotional balance
  • Flower essences are made by imprinting the positive energy of flowers into water and are a very natural way to help you balance your emotions.

  • They can be used for any emotional situation and bring about profound and lasting change.
  • They do not contain any part of the flower and have no smell. Not to be confused with essential oils which contain plant material and are highly aromatic.

  • Essences are usually preserved in alcohol, traditionally brandy but modern producers use their own preference of high-quality alcohol.

  • New Light essences are preserved with vodka. Please ask for alternative preserver if you can’t take alcohol.

How to work with essences

  • 2 drops from the pipette, morning and evening. Either directly under your tongue or in a beverage of choice.

  • Download the score sheet PDF’s.
    Complete one at the start and one at the end to help you see your transformation.

  • Download the pdf of journal prompts
    These are designed to create greater awareness of yourself and how the essence is helping you create change.

Want to know more?

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Choose the right essence for you

Forget-me-not flower essence for emotional balance
  • If you are new to using essences you may look at a list and think ‘I need a few of these’! If this is the case, one of the combinations may be an excellent place to start.

  • Alternatively you could choose an essence visually from its picture. In this way you are connecting directly to the positive emotion that you wish to embrace.

  • Click on an emotion from the list below to find an essence to help.

Click on a target to see the essences that can help