Essential You
1:1 Consultation

Transform your emotional landscape
with flower essences and reflective journalling

No matter the emotional situation in which you find yourself,

I can create the perfect blend of essences
to gently guide you to your desired outcome.

Here are some of the ways
flower essences can help you…

  • Create emotional balance

  • Calm an overactive mind

  • Release the need to worry about the future

  • Make peace with the past

  • Let go of fears

  • Become more confident
  • Find your voice
  • Enjoy living in the moment

  • Heal inner child wounds

  • Heal mother & father issues

  • Create strong boundaries

  • Feel safe in the world as a sensitive person

  • Find and follow your passion

What would your life look like if you could
let go of the negative emotions that are troubling you?

Dream big because flower essences can help you reach your goals

Essential You includes

  • About You questionnaire for completion prior to our session.
    This will help you focus on your desired outcome and provide me with an outline of your current emotional challenge.

  • 60 minute video call.
    Time for you to share the current picture of your emotional lansdcape and how you wish it to change.

  • 3 months of email support.

  • 3 bottles of your special blend of essences.
    A gentle transformation over 3 months will enable you to make lasting change.

  • Bespoke reflective journal prompts.
    To develop your self awareness and further catalyse the already awesome effect of the essences.

  • 30 minute video call at the end of month 3.
    Time for you to reflect on and celebrate your journey.

Essential You Consultation

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