Experience a more positive midlife & menopause
with Flower Essences

Flower Essences to Transform Midlife & Menopause

The changes of midlife & menopause stir up all the feelings that have been repressed throughout life’s journey, leading to big emotional swings, outbursts and turmoil.

Flower essences can transform menopause by helping to gently let go of the emotional explosiveness, leaving calm, acceptance, understanding, positivity and joy.

Flower essences invite us to blossom and flourish,
just like the flowers.

Transform menopause with flower essences

What are flower essences?

Flower essences are the energy of flowers, held in water and preserved with a small amount of alcohol. They are taken as drops straight onto the tongue or in water. They contain no part of the plant and don’t smell.

What they DO to transform menopause is truly magical!

For they help us bloom in our uniqueness by letting go of the negative patterns that hold us back and keep us small.

No matter the emotional situation you find yourself, a bespoke blend of flower essences will gently guide you to your desired outcome.

Here are some of the ways flower essences can help you transform your midlife & menopause experience…

  • Release feelings of anger & frustration
  • Calm an over active mind

  • Release procrastination & perfectionism
  • Make peace with the past

  • Let go of fears

  • Become more confident & self assured
  • Enjoy living in the moment

  • Create strong boundaries & confidently say ‘No’
  • Better cope with being a sensitive person

  • Find and follow your passion

  • Release blocks around money & success

  • Find your voice & feel confident to use it

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Flower Essence Consultations to help you transform your midlife & menopause experience.

A mini consultation is suitable if you are new to flower essences.

A single consultation is for previous clients looking for a well defined change.

I recommend a package of consultations if you truly wish to transform your midlife & menopause experience.

Transform menopause with flower essences mini consultation

Mini Flower Essence Consultation

  • 1 x ‘About You’ questionnaire
  • 1 x 45 minute video calls
  • 1 x 30ml self-chosen blend of flower essences
  • 5 journal prompts
  • 4 weeks of email support
  • 15 minute follow up call at the end of the bottle (generally 4-6 weeks)


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Transform menopause with flower essences consultation

Flower Essence

  • 1 x ‘About You’ questionnaire
  • 1 x 60 minute video call
  • 1 x 30ml blend of flower essences
  • Bespoke journal prompts
  • 4 weeks of email support
  • 15 minute follow call at the end of the bottle (generally 4-6 weeks)


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3 x transform menopause with flower essences consultations

Set of 3 consultations
over a 3-4 month period

  • 3 x ‘About You’ questionnaires
  • 3 x 60 minute video calls
  • 3 x 30ml blends of flower essences
  • Bespoke journal prompts
  • 3 months of email support
  • 15 minute follow up call at the end of your last bottle


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If you have any further questions please read the FAQ or contact me for a free 20-minute consultation.

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Client Feedback

I am a full-time professional artist which sounds wonderful, but I assure you. does not come without its challenges. There are times when everything flows: the ideas, the successful paintings, the opportunities…But sometimes I come across a block and nothing works any more.

Rebecca is a wonderful, compassionate and intuitive person and the flower essences she prepares for me help to release these blocks, allowing me to fly.

LB, Artist

I was very interested in the effect that the Flower Essences had on me – I could hardly believe how different they made me feel and how many things seemed more possible. Emotionally my life had always been very turbulent and suddenly I was feeling calm and able to cope with the issues that came my way. I found it extraordinary. I still do.

Helen S,

My mind feels clearer and my emotions seem far steadier.
Even during this time of deep stress – the Pandemic – I’m finding that I’m living very much in the moment and not worrying about the future.

LB, Entrepreneur

I found Rebecca not long after my life had changed greatly – the work which was central to my existence had had to end because of my husband’s sudden serious health issues which meant I was now a carer; I had moved house and area; my children were going to university and leaving home. I felt totally lost and very overwhelmed. After a course of flower essences, I feel so much better equipped to deal with the issues that come my way. I’ve even become confident enough to take up art again after many years.


I used to doubt my ability to follow my dream of a house build to its conclusion. It felt too much for me to handle. I used to spend months feeling stuck, but since using flower essences I can turn my thinking around in days sometimes even just a day! After working with Rebecca I feel strong, capable and even when I’m challenged I know I can get through it and make a positive outcome.


I am so glad I decided to work with Rebecca because she provided a very safe environment for me to tap into my own intuitive healing potential and enabled me to choose the essences I required.   I loved the creative way she facilitated this process and felt encouraged and confident to continue my path to well-being and self-acceptance.

SH, Carer

Flower Essence FAQ’s

Flower essences are made by imprinting the positive energy of flowers into water and are a very natural way to help you balance your emotions.

They do not contain any part of the flower and have no smell.

Essences are usually preserved by alcohol, traditionally brandy but modern producers use their own preference of high-quality alcohol. I use vodka.

Essences can be created with the energy of flowers, fungi, fallen leaves, moss,  gems, sound, colour, stars, special occasions, pristine environments, the channelled energy of animals and birds (no live beings are used or harmed in any way), angels, gods & goddesses, elements, to name but a few.  So you may see the terms Gem Essence, Sound Essence, Environmental Essence explaining the way in which the essence was made.

‘Vibrational’ is a term that can be used for any type of essence and refers to the fact that energy vibrates.

An essence reminds the body of its inherent state of harmony.  Often this leads to the release of negative energy in the form of unprocessed emotions or memories that were stored away because they weren’t fully processed at the time. This release may come as an ‘Aha’ moment or brief memory, which should be acknowledged and let go.

Your body will only ever release what you can process.

I highly recommend using a journal to help you gain the most benefit from using essences. You will develop increased self awareness and clarity on changes you wish to make.

Apple cider vinegar or glycerine can be used as preservatives, though this will reduce the shelf-life of the bottle to approximately 6 weeks.

Alternatively, the bottle can be made without any preserver and kept in the fridge with a shorter shelf life.

If the liquid looks cloudy or has floating matter, it is best disposed of.

* The New Light range contains a selection of ready blended essences to help with a variety of emotional issues. I’d recommend only using one combination essence at a time.
* If you don’t see a combination that suits your needs, you can certainly use more than one essence at a time. I’d recommend 3 maximum to enable you to gain the most from each essence.

Drops under the tongue – tip your head back and squeeze drops under your tongue while holding the pipette away from your mouth.

Drops in any beverage.

Drops in a bottle of water to be sipped through the day.

If you touch the pipette with your fingers or mouth, disinfect it with spirit alcohol or boiling water before it is returned to the bottle. Germs can cause the essence to spoil which can result in cloudiness or floating matter. If this occurs, the bottle should be disposed of.

Flower essences have no known contraindications. However, it is best to seek advice from your health care specialist prior to using any alternative natural products.

You will be asked about health conditions, prescription medicines and any other supplements during your consultation.

Please email me with any queries you have about using flower essences whilst taking prescription medication.

A 10ml bottle purchased from the New Light shop will last 4-6 weeks if used at the recommended dose of 2 drops (not pipettes) twice a day.
Each person’s situation and life story is unique.
* You may feel that you have resolved the issue after one bottle.
* After looking at the start and finish score sheets you may feel that you would like to work for a longer time on your issue.
* Your answers to the journaling prompts may indicate that you would like to work on another area of your emotional landscape with different essence.