Unburden Your Worries
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Verbalise your worries without fear of judgement and find your way back to your innate wisdom

Living in the high speed, high tech 21st century has resulted in many feeling overwhelmed and time poor. Naturally we try to avoid further burdening friends and family with our problems.

‘A problem shared is a problem halved’

But how often do you find yourself misunderstood, feeling belittled through comparison or upset at being told that your feelings are out of proportion?

How good would it feel to be able to unburned your troubles, knowing that you will not be judged or belittled?

Verbalising worries and fears can help you…

  • Feel less anxious and stressed

  • Create clarity about the problem

  • Enable you to stop worrying and take action

  • Improve sleep, digestion and focus

  • Release muscular tension

  • Process strong emotions through having them validated

  • Trust your own judgement

What to expect during a session:

45 minutes dedicated to you

This time is for you to:

  • Unburden your worries.

  • Safely connect and release any negative emotions.

  • Return to centre and reconnect with your own wisdom.

  • Ask for guidance if you so wish.

  • Request recommendations of essences to help support you.

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Sharon Keenan testimonial profile picture

‘Rebecca provided me with a powerful healing space at a time when I was feeling very discouraged and stuck. She shone a bright light onto my darkness which accelerated my healing’.

‘As a result, I became broke free from a situation which had been really wearing me down. The fresh perspective helped me move through a very dark phase of my life and helped me re-connect to my inner light’.