Embrace Midlife & Menopause as a Transition
Emerge Transformed!

Midlife & Menopause
Transformation Mentor

Helping women in their 40s & 50s positively
transition through a naturally transformative stage of life with menopause mentoring

This is for midlife ladies, feeling a bit blah, a little lost, a lot ‘I don’t know who I am anymore and what the hell is going on with my body???’


It’s definitely time to ask about menopause mentoring if….

You’ve watched the documentaries and read a book or three, leaving you overwhelmed by the wealth of information and a tad scared of what might happen next.

Your doctor declared ‘You are too young to be in perimenopause’ and offered antidepressants instead of HRT, leaving you more confused and worried than before.

You are struggling with menopausal symptoms and you really want to feel better and more like you again!

You are open minded and want to help yourself get out of the funk you’ve found yourself in!

As your menopause mentor I am here to help you…

  • Reveal the true brilliance of the gem that is you, by boosting your confidence and self-belief.

  • Create emotional harmony so your body can more easily undergo the changes of menopause.

  • Embrace and accept the natural changes of midlife & menopause, empowered by knowledge and understanding of the process.

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Menopause mentoring

Rebecca Veryan Millar

Hello and welcome,

My name is Rebecca and I am here to help you navigate your way through the challenges of midlife and the menopausal transition.

Take my hand and let me help you find the best path from where you are right now, to feeling more positive and in control, mind, body and soul.

Book a free 20 minute consultation to discuss your needs.

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Ways I can help you

Free consultation

Free Consultation

Book a 20 minute call with Rebecca to find out how midlife & menopause mentoring can help you

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Work With Me

1-1 Consultations

  • Menopause clarity session
  • ‘Unburden your worries’
    talking session
  • Personal transformation with flower essences
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Self Help Tools

Self Help Tools

  • Journalling prompt
  • Flower essences for personal transformation
  • Create a special blend of flower essences ‘just for you’
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Free perimenopause guide

FREE GUIDE – Recognising the symptoms of perimenopause

Register to receive my free guide on recognising if you have symptoms of perimenopause.

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Client Feedback

I feel like I have a safe space within myself that I can trust and that I am listening to, that what I feel is right for me and I don’t need other’s permission to be/feel safe. So I feel more certain of myself and less exhausted by feeling I have to please others all the time.

BK, Entrepreneur

The biggest shift was letting go of my children who have both left home, which has completely changed my role as their mother. Initially I had felt an excitement about my new freedom, but then needed to grieve for the loss I felt. Now I have come to a more balanced space where I don’t feel the need to need them, but just a healthy bond I can enjoy.


I have chosen to continue working with Rebecca over a period of time, as implementing life changes is a process, in which one needs loving support and continued input for long enough, to Birth one’s new Self and living one’s New Life. Rebecca is passionate about her work and deeply committed to Being of Service to Empowering us Women to be fully present in our lives: well in the World and Empowered to be the best we can be: for others and ourselves. I highly recommend working with her.

MO, Energy healer

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