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Are you fed up with feeling frazzled and flustered from life's ups & downs?

Let me help you create calm amidst the chaos by restoring your emotional balance and reconnecting you with your true sense of self.

Your journey back to yourself starts here with my ebook - 10 Tips To Help You Restore Your Sense Of Self.

A collection of activities, tried and tested by myself and my clients, that I know will help you reconnect with the real you. Some quick and easy, to start you right away, others requiring a longer term commitment.

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Hello, my name is Rebecca. I'm a single mum of three amazing children, two of whom have complex and demanding health needs.

Eight years ago, I realised my life was heading the wrong way to self-destruct. My mood hit rock bottom. My thinking was a mess. My self-talk vile and booze my best friend. I needed help and fast!

Not keen on the traditional routes of antidepressants or talking therapies, I found my way back to a life that is beautiful through the power of flower essences.

Now I share these amazing catalysts of change, with women who have lost their sense of self from trying to be everything for everyone else.

No longer are they deafened by the noise of their lives. Nor are their days and emotions dictated by the external world.

Instead, they move through life with an air of calm and ease. Overcoming obstacles and weathering life’s storms with confidence and acceptance. Knowing that by creating their own emotional and intellectual harmony, they can positively influence the world around them.

If you’ve had it with feeling disempowered and at the mercy of life, I’d be honoured to introduce you to a great way of making positive change that sticks.

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Do you long to....

Stop feeling so overwhelmed by the many demands on your time?

Enjoy the present moment, unspoilt by regrets of the past or worries for the future?

Feel confident in yourself, able to speak out without worrying what others might think or say?

Be able to let your brain slow down and rest so that you can think clearly in the day and sleep well at night?

Know that you are enough and that you have done enough, without driving yourself ever onwards with a mean internal dialogue?

Have firm boundaries and be able to say 'No' to people or events that pull you out of centre or leave you feeling disgruntled or depleted?

Be able to return to centre and restore calm fast after an event or conversation knocking you off balance?

Well you can, with the amazing catalysing combination of flower essences and journalling.

Flower essences are a phenomenal resource for helping create a secure sense of self.

Taken as drops on the tongue, they enable the release of old emotional baggage, the stories and trauma that keeps us stuck, enabling the creation of new, positive emotional states.

You may have used the Bach Rescue Remedy (now called 5-flower Essence) widely available from high street chemists and health food stores. This combination of flower essences is brilliant at helping bring about calm during times of emergency, such as a fall, a car crash, a trip to the dentist. But it isn’t the right combination of flower essences for long term use.

I often come across people who tell me it didn’t work for the emotions associated with anxiety or stress or low mood. That is because there are other flower essences that are much more suitable.

As a trained practitioner working with many ranges of flower essences, including my own, I can help you choose the ideal essences to help you, no matter the emotional situation you find yourself.

Teaming essences with reflective journalling enables the deepening of self-awareness with compassion and curiosity. This winning combination, brings about lasting, positive emotional transformation.

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