Restoring Emotional Balance

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  • Restore emotional balance
  • Move through life with an air of calm and ease

  • Let go of your busy mind so that you have clarity of thought
  • Overcome obstacles and weather life’s storms with confidence and acceptance
  • Positively influence the world around you by creating your own emotional and intellectual harmony
Restoring Emotional Balance - Free e-book

Rebecca Veryan Millar

About me

Hello, I’m Rebecca,

I am here to help you restore emotional balance so you can create a happy and fulfilled life.

My unique approach will enable you to connect back to your internal wisdom and fully step into your power as a woman.

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How I can help you

I offer a unique range of services to aid you in your transformation
from frantic and frazzled to calm and connected by restoring emotional balance.

Essential You Consultation

Essential You

1:1 Consultation

Transform your emotional landscape with a 1:1

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Return to Centre Consultation

Return to Centre

1:1 Consultation

Unburden your worries without fear of judgement

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New Light - Flower Essence

New Light


Special blends of flower essences to help you create emotional balance

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People I have helped

Hear what the powerful women who have worked with me have to say

Sharon Keenan testimonial profile picture

‘Rebecca provided me with a powerful healing space at a time when I was feeling very discouraged and stuck. She shone a bright light onto my darkness which accelerated my healing’.

‘As a result, I became broke free from a situation which had been really wearing me down. The fresh perspective helped me move through a very dark phase of my life and helped me re-connect to my inner light’.

Fiona Oliver testimonial profile picture

‘Before I worked with Rebecca I used to doubt my ability to follow my dream/house build to its conclusion. It felt too much for me to handle’.

‘As a result of working with her I have found strength and belief in my own ability. I realise that I am more than capable and I’m as good as the next person and deserve to succeed in my dream. It has been so good to have Rebecca as a mentor. She listens, then takes that information and creates the essences you need. Now I know if I’m becoming stuck I can just speak to her and she will create an essence that will move me forward. Before flower essences I used to spend months stuck, now I can turn my thinking around in days sometimes even just a day! I feel strong, capable and even when I’m challenged I know I can get through it and make a positive outcome’.

Fiona Oliver

Monique Pia Marie Van Oosterhout testimonial profile picture

‘Having a consultation with Rebecca, is like speaking to a dear trusted friend and sister …and then the magic happens: as an Intuitive Rebecca is able to summarise and verbalise in essence what one’s situation is about, and then backs this up with recommending flower essences that facilitate, establish and support one’s new life’.

‘She starts off a session with focussing with intent on one’s situation, the changes one would like to experience and then seamlessly brings in the vital energies that support both personal changes and the changes one desires as an empowered business woman.’

Monique Pia Marie Van Oosterhout,

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Life Coach and Vibrational Energy Healer

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