Experience a more positive midlife & menopause with

What is Midlife & Menopause Mentoring?

Gentle help and guidance to enable you to positively embrace the natural transition from one stage of womanhood to the next.

Deep understanding of yourself and your body are key to navigating
the midlife & menopause transition with ease.

How Midlife & Menopause Mentoring can help you.

  • Provides you with a safe space to offload your troubles.

  • Increase self awareness and improve your relationship with yourself.

  • Understand where you currently are and why it doesn’t feel so great.

  • Gain clarity on whether perimenopause is the cause of how you are feeling.

  • Understand how to better cope with the symptoms of menopause.

  • Signpost you to specialists or other therapies suiteable for your needs.

  • Gather the best information to approach your doctor for issues related to menopause.

  • Formulate the next steps to improving your midlife & menopause experience, get you feeling better and regain control of your life!

Did you know that being in a constant state of stress, anxiety, fear or anger has a massively negative impact on your hormones, causing more extreme menopausal symptoms?

I can help you find your zen!

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What to expect in a 1:1 Midlife & Menopause consultation:

Midlife and menopause mentoring with Rebecca Veryan Millar

Ways I can help you

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Midlife and Menopause mentoring with Rebecca Veryan Millar

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Client Feedback

Mentally I feel like I have more space inside me to just be. More clarity.
Emotionally I feel I can honour what I am feeling without getting totally caught up, like I am more objective even when I’m in the middle of it! Physically I am more aware of how I’m treating my body and how exercise and food impact how I feel .
LH, Health Professional

I feel like I can hear myself better and I have the ability to understand what my needs are more. I feel so much more connected to myself, I am in charge and able to look after my own self wholly. I also feel a greater sense of certainty in myself that wasn’t easy to access before.